Our work

SRMGI’s mission is twofold: expanding an informed international conversation about SRM research and its governance, and building the capacity of developing countries to evaluate this controversial technology. We seek to achieve these goals through two main activities: holding outreach workshops on SRM in developing countries and emerging economies, and through the DECIMALS Fund, the world’s first international SRM research fund and the first aimed exclusively at scientists from the Global South.

Outreach workshops: bringing new voices to the conversation

SRMGI works with local partners to run SRM engagement workshops across the Global South. Our workshops bring together the local climate communities to learn about SRM and to share their ideas on its potential risks, benefits and governance.

People of all perspectives are welcome at our meetings and SRMGI does not tell its participants what to think about SRM. Instead, we facilitate a two-way learning process, and scene-setting expert presentations give way to group exercises and spirited discussions, as local participants discuss their views and consider next steps in their regions. All of our workshops are run in concert with local partner organisations including NGOs, universities, science academies and even a national science museum, and they feature local expert speakers.

Participants at the Bangkok workshop in 2017. Photo credit: SRMGI.

Thanks to the work of SRMGI and its international partners, an increasing number of people from developing countries are writing papers and articles on SRM geoengineering, attending conferences and making their voices heard. To date, we have run 17 outreach meetings in 14 different countries, including Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Ethiopia, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Pakistan, the Philippines, Senegal, South Africa and Thailand. We have also run side sessions at the UNFCCC Conference of Parties, at the Biennial General Meeting of the Caribbean Academy of Sciences, the Gobeshona conference in Bangladesh, at the Pacific Climate Conference 2018. Through 2019 and 2020 we will be expanding our programme of workshops around the world.

Find out more about our past and future events here.


DECIMALS is the world’s first international SRM research fund and the first for scientists from developing countries and emerging economies. Following an application process where more than 70 teams applied, research groups from eight countries were awarded DECIMALS grants.

It is hoped that DECIMALS will represent a major step forward for developing country engagement with SRM. SRMGI outreach meetings are a crucial first step for creating awareness of SRM and starting a conversation, but workshops alone are not sufficient for building developing country expertise. This was something recognised by the participants of SRMGI’s workshops in the Global South, where the proposal for a developing country research programme was a common suggestion. Working with friends and advisers from around the world, SRMGI developed the plan for DECIMALS over 2.5 years, and it was made possible thanks to a grant of $2M from the Open Philanthropy Project. The Fund was officially launched in April 2018 with a call for proposals and an accompanying Comment in Nature. The piece, co-authored by eleven eminent academics based in the Global South and SRMGI’s Project Director Andy Parker, argued that developing countries stand to gain or lose the most from SRM and they should therefore lead on its evaluation. All the co-authors were lead organisers of SRMGI’s workshops in developing countries and the publication marked the first major call from Southern Academics for developing countries to play a central role in the evaluation of SRM.

The eight DECIMALS grants will support 45 scientists as they carry out pioneering modelling research on the climate impacts that matter most to their regions. Running from 2018 to the end of 2020, these projects are expected to help deepen their understanding of SRM while providing scientifically useful, policy-relevant research that will encourage further discussion in their countries and regions.

Learn more about DECIMALS here

A DECIMALS research planning workshop was held in Trieste, Italy, in November 2018. Photo credit: SRMGI.