DECIMALS selected as one of the ten Scale-Up project of the 2021 Paris Peace Forum

The DECIMALS Fund has been selected as one of ten Scale-Up projects of the 2021 Paris Peace Forum. DECIMALS, which is administered by the Degrees Initiative, supports teams of scientists in developing countries as they research how SRM could affect their regions. The DECIMALS teams have been responsible for the first SRM research projects in South America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Small Island Developing States and Least Developed Countries.

The Paris Peace Forum brings together some of the most important actors in global governance to advance solutions to global challenges. Over 15,000 participants attended the 2021 Forum including heads of state and political leaders—such as French President Emmanuel Macron and US Vice President Kamala Harris—as well as NGO leaders and CEOs of global companies.

Every year, ten promising initiatives that are responding to cross-border challenges are chosen as Scale-Up projects of the Paris Peace Forum. They benefit from dedicated and customised support as they expand their operations and DECIMALS was selected alongside:

Read more about the outcomes of the 2021 Paris Peace Forum in their wrap-up press release.

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