Intelligence Squared debate on SRM

Anjali Viswamohanan is a Chevening scholar at Oxford University and a lawyer by training, and she first came into the world of SRM geoengineering through the SRMGI process.

She was working at the Council on Energy, Environment and Water in Delhi (CEEW), when SRMGI partnered on an engagement workshop which Anjali organised. Since then she has taken part in geoengineering summer schools and conferences, including the SRMGI Global Forum in 2017, and in April she appeared in an Intelligence Squared debate. These are high profile public debates about contemporary controversies in science, politics, culture and ethics. Anjali paired up with Clive Hamilton (Charles Sturt University) to speak for the motion “Solar Radiation Management Is a Crazy Idea”, with Ted Parson (UCLA) and David Keith (Harvard) speaking against. She did a terrific job in an absorbing debate, and the whole thing can be watched here.