Putting developing countries at the centre of the SRM conversation

Putting developing countries at the centre of the SRM conversation

Our mission

We are transforming the environment in which decisions about SRM geoengineering will be made. Our work will ensure informed and confident representation from climate-vulnerable countries

How we work

Our workshops took the SRM conversation to the Global South. Our Global Forum brought new voices into international discussions. Our DECIMALS Fund helps Southern scientists develop their own SRM expertise


What is SRM?​​

SRM is a controversial proposal for reducing the impacts of global warming by reflecting away some sunlight​


Our workshops​

Our workshops have introduced the SRM discussion to more than a thousand climate experts in the Global South​

Beijing Summer School 2019 - DECIMALS 1 16_9


The DECIMALS Fund supports scientists in developing countries as their ask their own questions about SRM​

The participants to the SRMGI Global Forum 2017 in Berlin. Photo credit: Yehuda Swed.

About us​​

For over a decade, The Degrees Initiative has led the world in building the capacity of developing countries to evaluate SRM​

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