SRMGI Conference 2011

22-24 March, 2011 | PDF Conference agenda | Background papers »

The SRMGI Conference operated under the premise that achieving consensus was not the goal.  The participants were not asked to agree as a group.  Many legitimate but competing views exist surrounding solar radiation management; the conference was organized to explore those different viewpoints and to record them.  The conference operated under Chatham House rules, which means that viewpoints expressed go unattributed.  The meeting notes below reflect this rule.

22 March: Plenary sessions and breakout groups
23 March: Plenary session and thought experiments
24 March: Breakout groups and discussion

22 March – Plenary sessions and breakout groups

Plenary discussion PDF Goals, Concerns and Principles regarding SRM research
Why is this an issue worth our collective time?
Breakout sessions
Plenary discussion PDF Thresholds and categories
What is considered an SRM activity? What are some possible categorires of SRM activities?
Breakout sessions
Plenary discussion PDF Mechanics
What are the practical and operational matters related to governing SRM activities?

23 March – Plenary session and thought experiments 1 and 2

Plenary discussion PDF Reflection on Day 1
Plenary discussion PDF Thought experiment 1: Individual country focus
Breakout sessions
Plenary discussion PDF International
What are the international aspects of SRM governance?
Thought Experiment 2: Legitimacy
Breakout sessions

24 March – Plenary session and thought experiment 3

Plenary discussion PDF Thought experiment 3: Near term collaboration design – 4 Models
Breakout sessions

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