SRMGI: Phase I

The first phase of Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI) ran for approximately one year, with the goal of producing a set of clear recommendations to guide geoengineering research.

The recommendations are informed by background papers produced by a working group of experts, with input provided by partner organizations. The recommendations are shaped from discussions at the two-day international conference in March 2011.

Working group

The working group consists of experts drawn from a range of disciplines, including the natural and social sciences, governance, development and international law. Final working group membership is agreed to by the SRMGI steering committee.

Within the working group, subgroups focus on three areas:

  1. Characterizing the levels, or categories, of SRM research that may need different sets of guidelines, and suggesting the thresholds that divide these categories.
  2. Developing the process for governing SRM research, including the mechanisms for reviews, public engagement, and sanctioning of specific research programs.
  3. Exploring the international dimensions of SRM research, including a review of the existing legal and institutional landscape and possibilities for an international management framework.

Stakeholder input

Stakeholder partners are kept abreast of the progress of the working groups and are encouraged to provide critical feedback. Completed background papers are distributed to all stakeholder partners in advance of the conference.

It is hoped that as many stakeholder partner organizations as possible will attend SRMGI hosted events and play an active role in shaping and informing the output. Stakeholders are not obligated to formally endorse the SRMGI recommendations.

International conference

A two-day international conference was held at the Kavli Royal Society International Conference Centre in England in March 2011. The conference participants developed a set of recommendations to guide solar radiation management research.

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