SRMGI engages with a variety of organizations concerned with natural and social science, governance and legal issues, as well as environmental and development NGOs, industry and civil society organizations, from across the globe.

The diversity of partner organizations reflects the wide range of viewpoints on geoengineering, and recognizes that any governance arrangements for research will have to enjoy broad legitimacy and support.

SRMGI Steering Group

To oversee the project decision-making process, SRMGI convening partners have appointed a steering group, which agrees to stakeholder partner organizations and working group focus, format and membership.

Stakeholder Partners

The stakeholder partners bring a broad range of expertise to inform the initiate and facilitate a wider conversation among scientists, civil society, policy experts, businesses and governments.

Working Group

The working group is comprised of experts in a range of disciplines, including natural and social sciences, governance, development and international law.

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