China May 2017 – SRMGI

China May 2017

Event Location: Yuanchenxin International Hotel (No. 12 Yumin Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing, China, 100029)

On 13 May, 2017, Beijing Normal University hosted a workshop on SRM geoengineering in partnership with the SRM Governance Initiative. The workshop brought together climate experts from around Beijing, as well as representatives of the China geoengineering research programme, to consider the evidence from SRM research to date and to think through the most pressing challenge: how research is governed.

China’s research programme was launched in August 2015, to explore the physical and socio-political dimensions of solar geoengineering. Led by Prof John Moore of Beijing Normal University, the programme has three work streams:

Group 1: Basic theory – Led by Prof Long Cao of Zhejiang University

Group 2: Earth system modelling – Led by Prof John Moore of Beijing Normal University

Group 3: Social science – Led by Prof Pan Jiahua of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

The May workshop was held under the formal patronage of Prof Xu Guanhua, former Minister of Science and Technology for the People’s Republic of China. Speakers included:

  • Prof John Shepherd CBE FRS, one of the co-chairs of SRMGI
  • Prof Ying Chen of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Prof John Moore, Beijing Normal University
  • Andy Parker, research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies

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