A new research fund for modelling the impacts of SRM across the developing world

SRMGI is pleased to announce the creation of a new research fund for modelling the impacts of SRM across the developing world: Developing Country Impacts Modelling Analysis for SRM (DECIMALS). The fund will support developing country scientists who want to analyse the possible impacts that SRM could have on their regions.

Since 2011 SRMGI has led the world in expanding the conversation around SRM to developing countries. With a focus on the issue that will define how SRM develops in the immediate future – the governance of research – SRMGI has run engagement meetings in 12 different countries, in partnership with 20 local organisations including NGOs, science academies and universities. By building the capacity of people in developing countries to work on SRM research and governance, SRMGI is creating the conditions for more equitable, open, and informed consideration of the merits and drawbacks of SRM.

Thanks to a major grant from the Open Philanthropy Project, SRMGI is now expanding the scope of its work and setting up a developing world modelling research fund. This is an idea that has been repeatedly raised and consistently supported at developing country workshops, where participants have expressed strong interest to find out more about how SRM could affect their regions, while noting the major problems in securing funding for such research. SRMGI has found that even where participants have been highly sceptical of SRM they have often supported the idea of local scientists researching the potential risks and benefits to the region. SRMGI hopes that the modelling fund will allow scientists in the developing world to deepen their understanding of SRM while providing scientifically useful, policy-relevant research that will encourage further discussion in their countries and regions.

DECIMALS fund management and grants

The DECIMALS fund will be administered by The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), which is one of the three original convening partners of SRMGI. Providing grants to developing country scientists is already a central activity at TWAS, which distributes more than $1M in research grants every year to support science across the developing world.

Individual DECIMALS grants will support small research teams to undertake reanalysis of the data already generated by large global climate model runs (such as the Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project – GeoMIP). Over a period of two to three years each DECIMALS modelling team will analyse the climate and SRM impacts that matter most locally – from extreme temperatures to rainfall patterns, tropical cyclones and droughts.

SRMGI will also provide funding for DECIMALS researchers to present their work at international conferences, and to run workshops to report their research findings to local stakeholders. By providing a foundation for further local discussion, these workshops will enhance the impact of the grants, allowing for wider developing world participation in future debate on the potential benefits and risks of SRM and the next steps for research and its governance.

Call for research proposals

There will be a call for proposals for DECIMALS grants in April 2018.  SRMGI expects to award between five and seven grants, and anticipates that research projects will take two to three years to complete.  Full details will be available when the call for proposals is published on  For further information or to receive notification when the call for proposals opens, please contact