Former Working Group

Hailing from 16 countries across the world, the SRMGI working group helped guide and shape the initiative in its early stages. They served in their personal capacities, and their expertise provided the intellectual foundation for the 2011 SRMGI conference  and the SRMGI report.

Name Affiliation Nationality
Prof. Vicente Barros University of Buenos Aires Argentina
Dr. Jason Blackstock Centre for International Governance Innovations Canada
Prof. Ken Caldeira Stanford University USA
Prof. Paul Crutzen Max Planck Institute, Mainz Netherlands
Prof. Peter Liss, FRS University of East Anglia UK
Dr. Arunabha Ghosh Council on Energy, Environment and Water India
Prof. Clive Hamilton Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics Australia
Prof. David Keith University of Calgary Canada/USA
Dr. Jane Long Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory USA
Prof. Igor Mokhov AM Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics Russia
Prof. Granger Morgan Carnegie Mellon University USA
Dr. Sospeter Muhongo University of Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Prof. Laban Ogallo Drought Monitoring Centre, Nairobi Kenya
Prof. Ted Parson University of Michigan Canada
Dr. Atiq Rahman Centre for Advanced Studies Bangladesh
Prof. Phil Rasch Pacific Northwest National Laboratory USA
Prof. Steve Rayner University of Oxford UK/ USA
Prof. Catherine Redgwell University College London UK
Prof. Alan Robock Rutgers University USA
Dr. David Santillo Greenpeace UK
Dr. Youba Sokona African Climate Policy Centre Ethiopia
Dr. Pablo Suarez Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre Argentina
Dr. Akimasa Sumi University of Tokyo Japan
Sen. Liz Thompson Barbadian Senate, Rio + 20 Barbados
Prof. Eduardo Viola University of Brasilia Brazil
Prof. David Winickoff University of California, Berkeley USA
Prof. Xue Lan Tsinghua University PR China