Our team

Andy Parker – Project Director

Andy has been one of the main architects of the SRM Governance Initiative since its launch in 2010. He has a background in climate policy and began working on geoengineering when he led the production of the Royal Society's Geoengineering the climate report, starting in 2008.  Since then he's worked on SRM at the Harvard Kennedy School (USA) and the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (Germany), and he was also a member of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity’s expert working group on geoengineering. He's currently an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, UK.

Peter McGrathPeter McGrath

Peter was trained in the UK, obtaining his BSC in agricultural zoology from the University of Glasgow and his PhD from the University of Leeds. In 2003, he joined TWAS, becoming responsible for the organization's programmatic activities aimed at building scientific capacity in developing countries. In 2013 he became coordinator of IAP, the InterAcademy Partnership, while retaining his duties under the TWAS Science Policy/Science Diplomacy Programme.

Alex HanafiAlex Hanafi

Alex is Senior Manager of Multilateral Climate Strategy and a Senior Attorney in Environmental Defense Fund's International Climate Program. Alex coordinates research and advocacy programs designed to promote policies and build institutions that effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions around the globe.

Manuela Schipizza LoughManuela Schipizza Lough

Manuela Schipizza Lough has an academic background in Languages from the University of Trieste, in Italy. She worked as a trainer for Bank of America Corporate Banking in London, then she moved back to Italy and has been working on international multi-partner projects for 15 years, managing teams that always had a very high scientific profile, such as members from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, the University of Cambridge, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Lund University. Before joining TWAS-SRMGI she had a fellowship at the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste (SISSA).

Francois PougelFrançois Pougel

François has a background in Earth Science and Sustainability from Université Toulouse III and in Geopolitics and International Relations from Sciences Po Toulouse. He worked four years in corporate sustainability in France, where he gathered experience in trade associations and regulatory affairs, policy and strategy making, risk management and communication. He then joined the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Germany, working as a Research Associate on Digitalisation and Sustainability. He has been SRMGI’s Project Manager since early 2017, and is the Co-Founder of BE.ive, a Potsdam-based sustainability consultancy.