SRMGI aims to expand the discussion of geoengineering around the globe. The project does not take a stance on the use of SRM or SRM research, but seeks to engage new voices in discussions of the underlying societal and scientific issues. SRMGI is a global pioneer in bringing developing country voices into SRM discussions. In the past, in concert with local partners, we held the first major SRM discussion meetings in China, Ethiopia, India,  Pakistan, Senegal and South Africa.

We are currently expanding our work to more nations and will be running outreach meetings around the globe in 2016 and 2017. The purpose of these meetings is to bring discussions on SRM research to a broader audience, thus expanding the debate and building the capacity of developing country participants to make their own decisions about SRM.

Who benefits from these activities?

iStock_000019268922_Medium People of all perspectives are welcome at our meetings and SRMGI does not tell its participants what to think about SRM. Instead, we facilitate a two-way learning process, and encourage participants to share their own perspectives on climate change and SRM, and feel confident to join a growing global conversation. All of our meetings are run with local partner organizations  and feature local expert speakers.

Thanks to SRMGI's early endeavors and network-building, many individuals from developing countries now write papers and articles on geoengineering, attend conferences, and make their voices heard.