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The Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative is an international, NGO-driven project that seeks to expand the global conversation around the governance of SRM geoengineering research.


SRM has the potential to reduce some of the impacts of climate change but it could also be very risky. Overall, it is unclear whether it would be helpful or harmful. One thing is clear: many developing countries would stand to gain or lose the most if SRM were ever deployed. Despite this, most research and discussion of SRM has taken place in developed countries.

SRMGI has led the way in bringing new voices into the conversation around SRM research governance. We do not take a position on how SRM should be governed or whether it should ever be used. Instead, we work with local partners to run outreach meetings in developing countries expanding this critical global discussion and ensuring that a range of voices is heard.

What is SRMGI

What is SRM?

SRM is a controversial geoengineering technique that has been proposed as a way to reduce some of the risks of climate change.
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Our meetings

Our engagement meetings build the capacity of people from developing countries to play a larger role in discussions and research of SRM.
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SRMGI leads the way in bringing developing country voices into the global conversation around governance of SRM research.
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